This Conversation Between Shahid Afridi And Saif Badar After Their 'Face-Off' Is A Cricket Fan's Delight!


This Conversation Between Shahid Afridi And Saif Badar After Their ‘Face-Off’ Is A Cricket Fan’s Delight!


The HBL Pakistan Super League Season 3 is in full swing and it is producing some marvelous moments. The fights, the struggle, the shots, the scores and the fans, everything has been going perfect in the third edition of Pakistan’s most loved cricket tournament.

In the tough encounter between Multan Sultans and Karachi Kings, there came a very unique moment, when young Saif Badar was playing against the extremely experienced and loved Shahid Afridi. Afridi was bowling to Saif Badar in the encounter.


First off, Saif Badar moved his feet to perfection, hitting Shahid Afridi for a huge six. A couple of more boundaries and Saif was booming with confidence. All this, before Shahid Afridi managed to hit his stumps and send him back to pavilion. However, Shahid Afridi’s celebration after Saif’s wicket was more anger than happiness. Pointing towards the pavilion with his hand and screaming, Shahid asked Saif to **** ***.

However, after the match, as so many players take to Twitter to discuss the game, Saif Badar did too. On the video of him get bowled by Afridi, Saif Badar wrote: “Still love you Shahid bhai! #Legend” 

Showing great sportsman spirit and respect for Shahid Afridi, Badar’s comments were appreciated by many. However, the story would never be complete had Shahid Afridi not replied.

After Shahid Afridi’s formal apology on social media to Saif Badar, a lot of people appreciated the step, including journalist Iqrar-ul-Hasan and Saif Badar himself.

However, Saif Badar was feeling rather cheeky after his initial tweet, because right after the tweet where he said he loved Afridi, he also retweeted the video of him hitting Shahid Afridi for a huuuuge six! Might be a coincident, but it really is cheeky.

Crazy moments in this year’s PSL has brought joy to a country that has so long suffered without cricket. We must appreciate everyone’s effort in making this tournament a success.

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