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8 Pakistani News Anchors With Their Super-Attractive Spouses Will Make You Want A Journalism Degree As Well - Parhlo.com

8 Pakistani News Anchors With Their Super-Attractive Spouses Will Make You Want A Journalism Degree As Well!


Since the partition of India and Pakistan, media and journalism have faced a lot of ups and downs always. We do remember the struggles of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar who used print media to awake the Muslims of that time. But their struggles didn’t go in vain, it is 2019 and we saw a number of influential media personalities in Pakistan whom people admire and follow.

With a boom of private channels in Pakistan, freedom of speech has allowed a lot of journalists to share their thoughts on the TV screen and reshape the people’s thinking. They have influenced the population with their words and this profession has become the most daring one.

In this lot of journalists, there are a few whom people admire not for their bold stance or counter-argument on the live talk shows of the TV screen, there are many other reasons! With the emergence of social media, apart from politics and social issues of Pakistan, these journalists do share their personal life or relationship status from social media accounts.

Here are a few news anchors of Pakistan who shared pictures with their spouse on social media and people loved them!

1. Rabia Anum And Obaid

Rabia Anam, famous anchor in the national news channel got married on 19th February 2018. Rabia looked beautiful and enthralling on her wedding day.

2. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

Source: Parhlo

The renowned and controversial news anchor, political analyst, Aamir Liaquat Hussain was married to Bushra Aamir previously and from her, Aamir has two children. During General Elections 2018, Aamir Liaquat Hussain shared the details of his second wife Tuba and his fans and family were left in a shock.

3. Abdullah Sultan

The famous news anchor of Geo News Abdullah Sultan had a simple Nikkah ceremony at Badshahi Masjid, Lahore, where only close family and friends had gathered to make the event happening for the couple.

4. Waseem Badami

Source: YouTube

The famous news anchor of ARY News Waseem Badami never shared the details of his wife on social media, however, we managed to have found a few pictures of the couple!

5. Neelam Yousuf

Neelum herself has not posted any pictures on her social media accounts but her wedding photographer shocked Neelum Yousuf’s followers when he posted the pictures of the newly-Nikkahfied couple. Her Nikkah ceremony took place in Badshahi Mosque, Lahore.

6. Ayesha Baksh

Source/ Paki Mag

Famous Pakistani journalist Ayesha Bakhsh of Geo News, married to Adnan Amin and the two of them make a very beautiful couple.

7. Maria Memom

8. Sana Mirza

Last year, another famous news anchor Sana Mirza also got married and the photos were leaked by one of Sana’s co-anchor, Sadia Afzal. Sadia posted on her Twitter about Sania’s wedding and shared a few photos.

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