This Newly Found Place Looks so Unreal That People Can't Believe It's In Karachi!


This Newly Found Place Looks so Unreal That People Can’t Believe It’s In Karachi!


The infrastructure in Pakistan has been very slow in the past decade! Agree or not and yes definitely many people would count this as not a “politically correct” thing but after every PMLN’s tenure of the government if nothing they do some good to the infrastructure. Okay! Maybe not in Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK but at least in Punjab. Duh! Well, now people must be wondering what about the rest of the country?” Umm… nobody really thought about that in 70 years. Why should any other government think now?

But looking at the best metropolitan cities in Pakistan, we don’t see much hope here. The unpaved roads and broken bridges aren’t mended by anyone. We see other metropolitan cities in other countries that have the exact same potential and economy but the politics there is not as ruined as ours. Anyways, we just witnessed something utterly beautiful and trust us, nobody knew when did this happen and how it got structured!

YES! This is Karachi and this is unbelievable

Yeah, it reminds people of Mumbai

Sudden plans! <3 #chinaport

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This drone video is something to give people a good view of the area

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With the growing beautiful weather of the city, this is the new evening spot for all the Karachi

Check this out!

The right way to find this place is; take the route from Bilawal House to Ziauddin Hospital road and keep going straight from dolmen mall’s road.

For further details watch this video.

China Port Karachi | QQ Vlog# 06

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Posted by Nethead Pakistan on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Yes, indeed. This place sure has some different kind of vibes and for many people, this reminds them of “Amchi Mumbai” but now after this place which is a look-alike of Mumbai, Karachi now deserves a rain like Mumbai as well!

To bring color to this beautiful port, let’s just hope for some rain and blessings on this city. Cheers. 😉

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