This Guy Exposes The Corruption And Lawlessness In Khairpur Mir And It's Appalling


This Guy Exposes The Corruption And Lawlessness In Khairpur Mir And It’s Appalling


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Reconstruction of an already well-built road is the easiest way to extract money from public treasures and fills one’s pockets. It is a common practice adopted by the corrupt elements and their perpetrators in the government services. Since the new road is properly leveled and contains adequate coarse aggregates, its immediate reconstructions save the cost of labors and materials. However, in the official bill, the entire cost is often included as if the road was damaged. The classical example of this corruption is evident in Khairpur Mir.

A four-lane newly constructed road in city Khairpur, extending from IBA College to railways fly-over, was deliberately scratched for repairing. Although it created inconvenience, public reaction was normal because they are used to witnessing such irregularities. A contract must have been awarded to a highly influenced political person. These types of tenders are often offered to earn a large sum of money or to make someone happy before elections.

This is the only one project being highlighted; there are numerous other models of corruption stretched all over the country that have caused huge loss to public treasure. The Ashiana housing Scheme can be cited as an example in which the Leader of Opposition, Shahbaz Sharif, has been arrested and accused of Corruption and irregularities.

The role of anti-corruption institutions is very crucial to stop this wastage of public money. The failure of these institutions to convict related culprits makes it crystal clear that their hands are also tied with the shackles of corruption. When one feels pain at lawlessness and no one listens, the pen is the best way to express one’s feelings. Let’s hope that strict actions are taken against all those people who are involved in the avowedly misusing of public funds.

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