This Australian News Channel Reported Imran Khan's Victory And Here's What They Showed


This Australian News Channel Reported Imran Khan’s Victory And Here’s What They Showed


It’s only been five days till the elections of 2018. The newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan is being greatly loved by all the Pakistanis. The nation finally seems happy after a very long time with the government. This has never been the case that a vast majority of Pakistanis are happy with the political party being elected.

Nobody really expected this change to come. But the strategic huge amount of young people in the current 20 crore population did it. Before that, the never broken legacy of PPP or PML-N has won till now or the army! But this time, Pakistan rejected the monotony. People wanted to change so they made sure they get what they want.

The election day was nothing less than a final result day. People were curious, happy, excited and afraid as to what 25th of July has in Pakistan’s fate. But something expected yet surprising happened. PTI won by taking the maximum seats and when Imran Khan gave his speech after he was declared the PM for the next five years, it shook the whole world. Not just the national media, but the international media, too, couldn’t stop talking about him.

Here’s a glimpse from Australian media!

انتخابات 2018 میں عمران خان کی جیت پر آسٹریلیوی میڈیا رپورٹ نے سب پاکستانیوں کے دل جیت لئے

انتخابات 2018 میں عمران خان کی جیت پر آسٹریلیوی میڈیا رپورٹ نے سب پاکستانیوں کے دل جیت لئے

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They also reported how Imran Khan’s victory was celebrated by people of all age in Pakistan and with all zeal and zest.

They also mentioned how Imran’s enemies are claiming the elections to be rigged, but he, himself said that these elections were the most fare in the history of Pakistan.

The Australian news channel also said that after his retirement from cricket, he got married to 3 women and from which he has two ex-wives but his first wife still seems very supportive of him.

After he won the elections of 2018, Jemima Goldsmith tweeted about how “Father of her sons now PM of Pakistan” after 20 years of constant struggle.

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