A Traffic Warden’s Life Was Taken By A Local Over a Minor Issue in Rawalpindi


A Traffic Warden’s Life Was Taken By A Local Over a Minor Issue in Rawalpindi


The case of brutal killing of the innocent is no surprise to people anymore. It is believed that people in Pakistan have accepted their faith in this manner every time they step out of the house; they are already aware of the fear that winds of every city and province carry! Be it Khadija Siddiqi who was brutally stabbed in the broad daylight but till this date, her culprit is roaming around streets. Is was still Khadija who survived everything and she is now fighting with her deep scars. What about the people who die in the cruelty? What about the people who are left behind alive who were dependent on the victim who died?!

This traffic warden in Rawalpindi was killed over a minor issue and nobody could do anything about it! Just before iftar time as the traffic starts increasing on the roads, the people start moving home from the office and some for dining out. The traffic warden was handling the traffic as he was on duty and asked this person who later killed the traffic warden, to not parking in a no parking zone. Later, when the guy parked the car ignoring the traffic warden and when he came over to the culprit to remove his car from this zone the discussion turned an ugly talk of bullets and the traffic warden was silenced and died on the spot!

The said culprit was arrested immediately from the crime scene.

Here is the news when it broke out on the social media

Another sad incident happened today just before iftar at Committee Chowk Rawalpindi, A young traffic warden #Shahid was killed during on duty on a minor issue, A person tries to park his car at no parking zone he tries to stop him, a person came out of his car and fired him. Shahid was rushed to the hospital but he died, unfortunately on the scene.

As a nation we are dead people n forget our moral values n blessing in th f Holy month of Ramadan, Kaash koi aisa hakim aye jo es qoam ki ikhalqi tarbiat kr sakay.

May Allah give hithe m highest place in Jaanah and sabr to his family. Ameen

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ

How long would it be that people like him would lose their life for the sake of their jobs or just by any other simple work?! Why don’t people like such culprits fear the law enforcement? May we stand in a country one day where no innocent life is taken and people are given justice!

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