Supreme Court of Pakistan Is Raising Funds For Basha Dam And Everyone Should Contribute


According to sources, in the last month, it was shared on the social media that by the year 2025, Pakistan would be in some very serious water crisis. This realization hit many Pakistanis and many influential people including bloggers and celebrities, and they started campaigning for saving water. This campaign included tips for saving water.

The tips included how tap water can be utilized to get the work done by using less water than usual. For example, washing your car, dishes and taking a bath by using a bucket; which really seem a hurdle at all. Instead of using shower and pipe, replace it with a bucket. Use the bucket when you do wuzu, when you brush your teeth. It would definitely make a difference.

But the government of Pakistan is doing some effort on their part as well. Why not join hands with them and help our next generation have a good and hassle-free life?!

The supreme court of Pakistan has started collecting donations for two dams. Diamer Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam.

There are people who are not only donating the petty cash available at their end but are also educating their children for the cause!

As Salam O Alaykum, our little donation for Basha Dam

Posted by Syed M Taqi on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

So, it’s official and the work is being done properly on the government’s end. The total amount needed for the dams to be made is 5 billion. So this guy did the calculation and took out an equation on how donating a minimum of Rs. 100 by even half of the people in Pakistan can make a huge difference! It would complete the amount and the dams would start proceeding.

This is the screenshot from yesterday when people started spreading the news about donation

If 25% of Pakistan's population contributes Rs. 100 each, the total amount will reach Rs. 5 billion. It will not make a…

Posted by Rao Abdur Rehman on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Surprisingly, the amount tripled in less than 10 hours! People kept pouring in the donations

Posted by Rao Abdur Rehman on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

May we get to see a progressive Pakistan and tackle our national problems rationally! Kudos to people who are spreading the awareness and are thinking for a better Pakistan. Let’s donate and save water, for us and for the future generations. Cheers. 🙂

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