Two Sisters Held Captive And Subjected To Rape And Physical Torture For 5 Years In Sindh!


Two Sisters Held Captive And Subjected To Rape And Physical Torture For 5 Years In Sindh!


In the last week or so, women oppression has been the center of attention across Pakistan. Women of all ages have decided to take matters into their own hands, and change their destiny themselves, because if they don’t.. they too, might end up like these sisters from Sindh.

A very tragic incident has come to light in Khairpur, Sindh, where two sisters, who were married off to two brothers, have finally breathed sighs of relief, due to them getting out of a private prison, set up by their husbands.


The sisters, ever since they got married, were treated extremely viciously by their husbands, who would subject them to the worst of vices. From beating them, to raping them without consent, the worst of their traits was to swap wives, and involve their other brothers in sexual encounters as well.

When the wives, the sisters, complained on them being used like sexual ornaments by their husbands and their other brothers, they would be beaten up, or their mother-in-law would get them stripped naked and beaten in front of the whole family. Ansar Burney, a famous social activist, discovered the girls and made sure they are out of the prison that they once thought would be their home.

The husbands of the wives were subjecting them to physical and domestic violence in the name of ‘kari’ – keeping them alive and torturing them every single day. According to the younger sister, upon reaching the Hyderabad Press Club, she said: “We were forced to sleep with our husbands’ brothers off and on by our own husbands ever since we were married.”


“Whenever I raised a small argument, my mother-in-law asked her sons to take me to the room, strip me and then beat me. My sister and I were often denuded before the entire family including our husbands’ brothers,” she said, while showing the marks on her face, head and arms.

“Whenever our brothers visited us, our husbands and mother-in-law would always sit with us so that we do not share anything,” she said, further stating that she ran from the prison, climbing the wall, with her daughter. Upon being helped by Ansar Burney, they then later on recovered her older sister as well, along with her children.

The SSP of Khairpur confirme that four men have been arrested and inducted on charges of violence and physical abuse. It is being said that 2018 is the year of women in Pakistan, and this too, is just another example of the progress.

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