Senator Sherry Rehman Mistakenly Bashed IBA Instead Of IoBM And Twitter Lambasted Her!


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Just as the first rule of Fight Club is to not talk about it, the first rule of Twitter is that you should NEVER be wrong, as the Twitter brigade doesn’t spare anyone for anything.

Somebody should have told that to Pakistan’s ever so famous Senator Sherry Rehman. A few days back, an issue erupted on social media when a Pakistani university Institute of Business Management (IoBM) was in the news for all the wrong reasons.


A visiting faculty lecturer was stopped at the gate of the university by the security head who stated that the girl was wearing not following the proper dress code and thus was not allowed entry inside the vicinity. The security in-charge tried to point out that the faculty member was wearing an improper attire.

To this, social media erupted, and the institute was asked a million rapid-fire questions. One of the people who was to condemn the incident was Senator Sherry Rehman, who took to Twitter to put her opinion out there.


However, there was to be a twist in the tale. Instead of questioning IoBM, Sherry Rehman mistakenly took the name of Insitute of Business Administration (IBA), one of Pakistan’s most renowned universities.

The Twitter brigade was never going to spare her for such an error and they made sure Sherry Rehman knew. This is how Twitter reacted to the Senator’s blunder.

After the host of tweets full of taunts, Sherry Rehman deleted the initial tweet and apologized for the human error she committed.

However, the Senator’s demand, even in the apology was stagnant. She wanted answers from the university on how they had traumatized a faculty member for the way she dressed up, which according to the popular opinion, was absolutely fine.

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