Shahzeb Khanzada Just Dragged AIG Kamran Fazal To Hell And Back Over Bothering A Couple And Man, He's On Fire!


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Shahzeb Khanzada Just Dragged AIG Kamran Fazal To Hell And Back Over Bothering A Couple And Man, He’s On Fire!


‘Police Ka Hai Farz Madad Apki’, was the motto of Pakistani police but the latest case of the additional inspector-general (AIG) of CTD Sindh Kamran Fazal exhibits that the police department of Pakistan has forgotten their motto ages ago.

A video of AIG Kamran Fazal has been circulating on social media in which his police guards stopped a car in DHA Karachi for overtaking other vehicles. But when the police officials were busy in confronting the couple sitting inside the car,  the woman recorded the video which later on went viral on social media.

It can be seen in the video that the police officers want the couple to meet their ‘sir’ who was sitting in his white double-cabin SUV. Initially, the couple didn’t step out of their car but when the woman came out with her phone and tried to talk to AIG, he saw her phone and grabbed it. The video then ended abruptly.

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To get a clear picture, the famous anchorperson Shahzaib Khanzada spoke to AIG Sindh Kamran Fazal in yesterday’s show. AIG Sindh told Shahzaib that his guards didn’t bother the family in fact, the woman tried to agitate my family to film everything on her phone. Speaking to Geo News programme ‘Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Saath’, AIG Kamran Fazal said that my family was hurt by the woman.

When Shahzaib asked him about the reason of not stepping out by himself, he simply replied that everyone knows about the ‘security issues’ in Karachi. “I could have personally gone to speak to them but I did not step out of my car over the fear that people in the car [that his bodyguards had forcefully stopped] could be dangerous,” he added, referring to the “existing law and order situation”. He also referred to Chaudhary Aslam’s case while talking about security risks for police officers.

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معاملہ ایک اعلیٰ پولیس افسر اور دو شہریوں کا تھا؛مگر محسوس کراچی کے تمام شہریوں نے کیا۔۔۔مہمان:کامران فضل،ایڈیشنل آئی جی، سی ٹی ڈی

Posted by Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath on Monday, April 8, 2019

On the question of the behavior of police official, Kamran Fazal said he only wanted to explain his stance to the driver of the car and tell him of how he had violated the traffic rules. “My guards were very polite,” he maintained. However, AIG CTD didn’t admit that his officials did wrong or they should apologize for their behavior.

AIG Sindh also told Shahzaib Khanzada that everything has been settled afterward. The family members in both the car hugged each other and moved ahead. Adding to AIG’s statement, Shahzaib said you weren’t expecting the release of the video on social media to which Kamran Fazal didn’t respond.

On the other hand, AIG Kamran Fazal said that he has designated the deputy inspector-general (DIG) for South District as the inquiry officer who will release the report of the incident in two days. People on social media are demanding the disqualification of AIG Kamran Fazal immediately for such unethical behavior with the citizens. Let’s see if the Sindh government take notice of the incident and condemn Kamran Fazal’s response.

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