Shaheen Air Hits Rock-Bottom As It Fails To Bring Stranded Pakistanis from China After SC’s Orders


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The aviation industry, overall, in Pakistan has been a major blow in the recent years due to the political influence. Shaheen Air, as one of the prominent airlines operating in Pakistan is currently facing a serious blow due to their technical issues.

Supreme Court ordered Shaheen Airs to bring stranded Pakistanis in Guangzhou, China and the airline failed to comply. Shaheeh Air International (SAI) had a faculty aircraft which they operated for flights, despite Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) revoking the permission of flying.

According to the reports, the Supreme Court ordered SAI to operate their flights and bring the Pakistanis back from China. SAI, in this regard, informed the court that CAA stopped their aircraft from flying at the very last moment. The court then ordered to find an alternative way to bring the Pakistanis back.

Shaheen International is the only airline which operates the flights from Guangzhou and Pakistan. However, due to the aircraft not being airworthy, CAA stopped SAI from operating. The CAA spokesperson said the following:

“During an inspection, it was disclosed that the aircraft needed to replace important equipment. On this ground, CAA declared SAI aircraft un-airworthy,” 

On the other hand, SIA believes CAA is not cooperating with the airlines and is showing negative behavior towards SIA. The SIA spokesperson Zohainb Hassan said the following:

“CAA stopped SAI from operating flight NL-892 on technical grounds. SAI plans to operate a flight to Guangzhou to bring back these passengers. CAA is preventing SAI from completing its services. SAI was implementing court orders. CAA raised a technical issue with the aircraft at the last minute which will cause severe inconvenience for the passengers and also raises CAA doubts about their intentions. We are now in contact with other charter carrier companies,” 

Currently, Shaheen Air is looking for alternative means to resolve the matter. As the only airlines that provides flights from China to Pakistan in the required city, SAI has established connection with charter airlines to rent the aircraft to bring back the Pakistanis.

What’s shocking is how no other airline, domestic or international has stepped forward to lent their aircraft to Shaheen as means of helping and bringing back stranded Pakistanis.

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