Shahbaz Taseer Shows The Real Face Of Taliban Narrating An Incident From His Kidnapping!


Shahbaz Taseer Shows The Real Face Of Taliban Narrating An Incident From His Kidnapping!


The modern-day pacifist thinks the way out of a sticky situation is to talk and talk only. He does not back the writ of the State, neither does he contribute on any other agenda. To them, negotiations are the only way out of a problem.

When it comes to Pakistan, hardliners have always got their way through these ‘talks’. Commit a mistake, go against the State, and then be ready to sit and talk things out. Shahbaz Taseer, the son of the former slain governor of Punjab and a prominent figure himself, was kidnapped for over 1652 days by the Taliban.

Source: huffpost.india

During his days of captivity, Taseer experienced moments of extreme pain and agony, along with torture, hunger, and isolation. However, during his stay, he discovered some of the Taliban’s worst ways and secrets as well. After the negotiations between the TLP and government yesterday, Taseer took to Twitter in explaining how the Taliban actually handled ‘negotiations’.

“I was in MirAli when the government entered negotiations with the Pakistani Taliban. Before the two delegations met – Sajna a very senior pakTaliban commander asked my kidnapper Muhammad Ali to arrange 11 young suicide bombers and plan the Karachi airport attack.”

“While the negotiations were going on these boys trained every day and lived in the same compound as me. Every one of them knew that the negotiations were a tactic to buy time & before they fell apart they attacked the airport.”

“After the Karachi airport attack, the army launched Zarb-e-Azab. I would have thought that after that massive operation this country and its people would learn that you can not negotiate with someone who calls for your head. Especially someone who calls for the COAS PM CJP’s head.

Shahbaz Taseer, who was in captivity with the Taliban, lived in the same compound as 10 suicide bombers who were being prepared to attack the Karachi airport. It is pertinent to add here that the same attack became the immediate cause of Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

Taseer tried to present his view that whenever the government negotiates with hard-line extremists, they end up taking advantage of the situation and often double-cross the State to their benefits. If the State starts implementing its writ instead of talking with every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ – handling situations would become an easier chore altogether.

Others have dubbed these negotiations as a tactic to buy time, for worse is yet to come. Many are enraged that the Prime Minister of Pakistan did not implement that wrath of the State upon protesters who had taken the country hostage for 2 days.

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