Meet Saneeta Shafiq - Daughter Of A Shaheed Police Officer And One Of Pakistan's Youngest Fashion Designers!


Meet Saneeta Shafiq – Daughter Of A Shaheed Police Officer And One Of Pakistan’s Youngest Fashion Designers!


Sometimes as journalists, we come across stories that are full of courage, valor and resilience, teaching more lessons to the masses than other news stories would. Let us share a similar story, where a young girl’s resilience and inspiration made her a standout figure in the fashion industry of Pakistan.

Meet Saneeta Shafiq, one of Pakistan’s youngest and most capable fashion designers. Saneeta is the daughter of a police officer, Shafiq Tanoli, who embraced martyrdom in 2014. This is Saneeta’s story, of how she went form being an orphan, to a specialist in her field.


Saneeta Shafiq was only 17 years old when her father embraced martyrdom serving Pakistan. After her father’s death, his family took almost everything Saneeta’s father had made, leaving his daughter and the rest of the family in God Almighty’s hands. This is when young Saneeta decided to take matters into her own hand and change her destiny.


Soon, Saneeta realized that her father had left some shares in a Textile Company, however, due to the company not performing well, an easy way out was never an option. Saneeta, who called her father ‘Dayda’, decided to start her own company with her and her father’s name. Utilizing the little assets the family had, she did a short course in Fashion from Indus Valley. From there on, Saneeta dominated her field of specialization.


After completing her course in Fashion, Saneeta saved up enough money to stitch clothes at her home with original designs. Soon, she was dominating the Fashion Expo in Karachi. After catching Adnan Ansari’s eye, Saneeta’s future had somewhat become secure. Adnan Ansari launched her in the UK market and she became a part of the London Expo, an achievement even many seasoned fashion designers fail to surpass, let alone a 20 year old girl.


After gripping her feet in the market, Saneeta has done 3 international shows with Adnan Ansari, including the one in London. Originally a Chemical Engineering student, Saneeta is currently one of the youngest and most capable fashion designers in Pakistan. At her success, she said that it is all due to her father. He knew she had the potential and she wanted to make him proud, even though he rests in the Hereafters.


The hardships she and her family had to face after the martyrdom of her father are nothing in comparison to the way she feels today. She dedicates her success to her ‘Dayda’, and says that he will always be looking over her and her siblings.

Saneeta’s success story has more messages for us than we can fathom. It is to never give up, stay true to our roots and always believe in Allah Almighty. We wish Saneeta the best of luck for her future and hope she becomes one of Pakistan’s most renowned fashion designers.

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