Bollywood's Bhai Salman Khan Might Be Joining Congress|


Bollywood's Bhai Salman Khan Might Be Joining Congress Against Modi's BJP And It Is The Best News For Indo-Pak -

Bollywood’s Bhai Salman Khan Might Be Joining Congress Against Modi’s BJP And It Is The Best News For Indo-Pak!


Politics, as they say, is a dirty business. So, people who are filthy rich are usually the ones who are likely to come and join this dirty business. Not that this is some kind of stereotype but to fund the cause of a political party, a new party either needs good monetary support or needs people with a good monetary background.

Likewise, the Sharifs who are quite “rich” but the interesting part is they got rich after coming into politics. LOL! Pakistan does not have a trend where celebs are pro-politics or come join a party for their cause but they show their support! When Imran Khan was the prominent figure in last year’s election, everyone from Farhan Saeed to Osman Khalid Butt was tweeting in Imran’s favor.

But in India, the case is completely different. There are many people from TV to Bollywood who are MNAs. Looks like there’s another one coming to join the business.

BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) Modi led political is about to have another shock after the news spread that Salman Khan will be joining hands with the opposition party (Congress).

Isn’t elections in India just around the corner?! Oops!

And Rahul Gandhi made promises to farmers to protect their rights!

Will Modi respond back to this “action” by the opposition party?

The report was making rounds on the internet and Madhya Pradesh’s chief minister Kamal Nath confirmed the news by saying: “I talked to Salman Khan recently and I asked him to contribute something for the state as he belongs to Indore, and he readily agreed,” He said!

Some Indian’s are hurt over Salam’s decision and some are patting his back! But only time will tell if he took a good decision or not.

Well, bhai played good. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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