Cricket Legend Maulana Saeed Anwar Compared Imran Khan To 'Abu-Jahal' In One Of His Bayaans!


Cricket Legend Maulana Saeed Anwar Compared Imran Khan To ‘Abu-Jahal’ In One Of His Bayaans!


With the general elections of 2018 soon approaching Pakistan, every party is trying to show the other one down, and gain support for themselves. To do this, people are going to the lengths in digging out material against each other. While PTI chieftain Imran Khan keeps increasing his follower count, others have been trying to show him down by third party anti-endorsements.

One such video came to light very recently, where a former Pakistani cricket captain and legend can be seen making negative comments about Imran Khan. In one of his bayaans, Molana Saeed Anwar, who is renowned for scoring one handed shots and his mammoth 196* against India, talked about how Imran Khan boasted more than the good he has actually done.


It is pertinent to add here that ever since retiring from cricket, Saeed Anwar involved himself with religion, spending most of his time talking about Islam and how people can better their lives. In the video, Saeed Anwar talks about Imran Khan and his endeavor of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and his personal life.

He started off by saying that Imran Khan talked about fixing the whole nation, while he could not fix even one of his marriages. He further says that Imran Khan talks about weird things, like why is a Molana driving a Mercedes. To this, Saeed Anwar says that if he can afford it by Halal means, he has all the right int he world to do so.

The worst aspect of his bayaan came when he compared Imran Khan to the apostate Abu Jahal, who countered our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the early days of Islam. He was the only person who did not verify the Prophet (PBUH), and did not let the rest of the Quraysh to do so as well. He was named as ‘Abu Jahal’ by our Prophet PBUH, which means ‘Father of the Ignorant’ – in the context that he would never accept true teachings of Islam.

Saeed Anwar said that Imran Khan thinks by making a cancer hospital he would enter Paradise (Jannah), even though his actions are against those that Islam teaches. This is where he gave Abu Jahal’s example, that he did the noblest of deeds by re-building and taking care of the Khana-e-Kaba (Haram Sharif), but he would burn in Hell fire. Then how did Imran Khan expect to enter Jannah by making one hospital?

The video footage, which had not surfaced before, might not be new, but it is being used by anti-PTI elements to showcase Imran Khan’s negative character. Of all the people, Saeed Anwar, being a public and religious figure, should know that the tongue, indeed, is more harmful than a sword.

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