"I've Fought Wars And You've Only Played Cricket" - Here's The Response of Pervaiz Musharraf to Imran Khan's Claims!


“I’ve Fought Wars And You’ve Only Played Cricket” – Here’s The Response of Pervaiz Musharraf to Imran Khan’s Claims!


Imran Khan’s recent interview with BBC has sparked debates nationwide. While many agree Khan was not at his best during the interview, the opposition sides’ supporters are staking Khan for not doing enough in KPK, which became evident in the interview.

Clips of the Interview Went Viral On Social Media And Everyone Questioned the Governance of Imran Khan and PTI in KPK

The part where Khan failed to answer the direct questions regarding the job opportunities built in KPK to the loa number of hospitals and schools inaugurated in the province, Pakistanis were surprised to see how Khan failed to answer the questions with confidence.

In the Same Interview, Imran Khan Was Asked About Army and the Era of former President General Pervaiz Musharraf

Khan was asked why did he criticize Musharraf’s army and the decision of then-president. On this, Khan shared how he was not in favor of the idea of sending the army to the local tribal areas.  “Because whenever you send an army to the civilian areas, there will always be human rights violations,” said Khan while answering the question.

“Army is not fighting another army – they are going against the people of the villages,” while proving his answer further.

In addition to this, Khan shared his support with General Bajwa because, “He has categorically stated that he stands with Pakistan’s democracy and constitution,” while shedding the light on how Khan believes he is the first Army Chief who is doing his job correctly. Khan further said how Bajwa is trying to clean up the mess Musharaff made in 2001, which was to send the army to the tribal areas.

Upon Hearing These Claims, Musharraf Came Forward and Gave An Answer Of his Own to Prove to Imran Khan How Wrong He Is!

Musharraf begins by calling Imran Khan “naive and not so intelligent“, which he has called Khan before as well. He then starts talking about how Khan is comparing Bajwa, from 2018 to Musharraf, from 2001, after the 9/11 incident, which in his opinion makes no sense because the situations were entirely different then.

“The entire world wanted to punish the Taliban in Pakistan. India along with the USA wanted to attack Pakistan. I would’ve seen what Imran Khan would’ve done if he was in this situation,” said Musharraf while shedding light on the seriousness of the situation which took place at that time. According to him, the Taliban responsible for blowing on 9/11 were in Pakistan, so how could he not have done something?

“Don’t teach me your personal beliefs, Imran. I have seen wars, you’ve only played cricket. I know what was right to do,” said Musharraf as the final nail in the coffin to the claims made by Imran Khan.

Watch The Interview Here:

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