Reham Khan Feels PTI Is Trying to Delay The Elections By Bringing her Book Under Fire


Reham Khan Feels PTI Is Trying to Delay The Elections By Bringing her Book Under Fire


One book by Reham Khan has caused a lot of chaos in the recent days. With Hamza Ali Abbasi coming forward with talking about the narratives mentioned in the manuscript of Reham Khan’s book to various other he-said she-said claims by Reham Khan, things went ugly these past few days.

According to Hamza Ali Abbasi, Salman Ahmed, and Various Other PTI Workers, Reham Khan Has the Backing of PMLN

Among fabricated emails shared by Hamza Ali Abbasi lies his claims of telling the media that Reham Khan took 100 pounds from Shehbaz Sharif to release her book a few days before the elections. The party workers claimed that this book is a propaganda to distract the voters, especially the PTI supporters to withdraw their support from Khan and his party.

Reham Khan first didn’t come forward for an interview while Hamza Ali Abbasi kept talking about the remarks she made in the book. After a while, Reham Khan did an interview with Indian news channel and talked about the different aspects she has covered in her book. According to the ex-wife of PTI’s chairman, her book focuses on the sexual favors people took in PTI to get into power.

Here’s the Link to the Interview:

Now after this interview, Reham Khan started speaking regarding her book to the local media as well. While she resides outside the country, Reham Khan spoke to ARY news and gave some pointers.

First, she denied her association with Shehbaz Sharif and PMLN. She categorically said that she has no ties with Shehbaz Sharif or anyone in the party.

In Addition to This, Reham Khan Said that PTI is Doing This to Delay the Elections

Reham Khan stated that she not sure when her book may come out, but Hamza Ali Abbasi blaming this on timing is doing this essentially to delay the elections, which will be a blow on Pakistan. She talked about how India and Afghanistan would soon be having their elections and if Pakistan delays their election, it will be a huge problem.

Here’s the Link to the Interview

It seems like Reham Khan is playing all the cards she has to make sure that her book gets the attention she planned for it. Let’s see how the dices roll.

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