Reham Khan's Book Leaks: Complete List of Mind-Boggling Claims By Reham Khan


Reham Khan’s Book Leaks: Complete List of Mind-Boggling Claims By Reham Khan


The forthcoming book by Reham Khan has caused chaos one month before the general elections, where her ex-husband Imran Khan stands as the chairman and the candidate of Pakistan’s prime minister.

In 2016, Reham Khan first announced publishing her autobiography, which then wasn’t taken seriously by anyone – including Imran Khan, as he said he has nothing to hide. A few days ago, Reham Khan announced that she will be releasing her book, which would be prior to the general elections.

Given the alleged nature of the remarks made in her book, the Pakistani social media is eager to know whether the manuscript is true or not.

While Reham Khan has not appeared for an interview in any local channel, a surprising thing happened when a video of her interview surfaced on social media.

Speaking to An Indian Channel, Reham Khan Spilled All the Beans That Would Be Written in her Book

Reham Khan mentioned the sexual favors that happen within the political party PTI.

“I’ve discussed morality. And I’ve discussed morality in terms of nepotism, meritocracy or the lack of it, I’ve discussed sexual harassment, discussed sexual coercion, and how it is used, how sexual favors are used for political positions. And some of those are related directly to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.” said Reham Khan to the Indian host who was inquiring about her forthcoming coming.

When the host asked if Imran Khan is to be blamed for the culture of sexual favors happening in the party, Reham Khan said the following:

“People at the top have to take responsibility for what goes on in their household and in their party,”

Reham Khan also said how sexual harassment, sexual favors, and sexual coercion is something Pakistan would tend to ignore because of the male dominance.

Here’s the Clipping Where Reham Khan Accuses PTI of Sexual Favors

What’s strange is how Reham Khan went to an Indian channel for an interview, and not a local news channel.

Somehow, the table of context of Reham’s book was leaked and the list is gruesome!

After which the shocking revelations of what she had written about the late wife of Waseem Akram!

And later people got to know when Jemima tweeted about how there is some disturbing info about her son as well!

But what’s more surprising is that Reham is neither denying nor accepting the content of her book!

With that, she has written a lot more about the women in the PTI!

To which one of the women about whom Reham has written had the best comeback!

It all boils down to when the book finally comes out and we get to see what Reham Khan really means when she is talking about such grave matters.

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