Reaction Of Ishaq Dar Being Stalked By a Pakistani in London Has Surprised Many!


Reaction Of Ishaq Dar Being Stalked By a Pakistani in London Has Surprised Many!


Muhammad Ishaq Dar is a Pakistani politician. He is part of the Pakistan Muslim League and had been a Member of the Senate of Pakistan, from 2003 to 2018.

Just as Reham was spotted and “hounded” in a park by some interviewers in London, the same happened with Ishaq Dar. Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was spotted on roads of London on Sunday.

He tried to escape but the camera caught him and the man asked him something which Dar Sahab never answered.

After Reham Khan… UK kay Pakistani now present Ishaq Dar… Why do they take things too far?

Posted by Ali Moeen Nawazish on Friday, August 10, 2018

The commoner could be identified as a Pakistani by his language and accent. And he seemed to know all the ‘good deeds’ of Ishaq Dar. He was following him, which was unethical of him to do. If he wanted to interview him, he should have just called him out and asked questions properly. Or maybe, the sole intention of following him was to mock him.

Ishaq Dar has been blacklisted as a Finance Minister by the Ministry of Interior. He fled to London (just like everyone else who wants to hide) after all the allegations and was going through a medical treatment there.

The local man who made this video silently followed him first but Ishaq Dar seemed to notice someone behind him. He turns around to ask if he can help the man and resumed his walk. The man continued making the video and asked him what his name was. The ex-minister did not utter a word to answer his question and continued walking while the local man recording the video mocked him saying that he must have done something dirty that is why he is ashamed to say his name out loud. The man kept mocking and insisting for the name but the ex-minister ignored and trying to escape the camera by walking fast.

It might have been wrong of this local Pakistani to mock and make a video of the ex-minister. People are taking a stand to question the former leaders and whoever responsible as to why they corrupted our country. But, public humiliation may not be the best solution.

People feel no mercy towards him and rightfully so

There is some truth in that…

Yes, fair enough

What do you guys think?

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