Naqeeb Mehsud's Father Claims Disgraced Cop Rao Anwar Runs Multi-Billion Dollar Criminal Empire!


Naqeeb Mehsud’s Father Claims Disgraced Cop Rao Anwar Runs Multi-Billion Dollar Criminal Empire!


When the news of Naqeebullah Mehsud’s encounter at the hands of Sindh police went viral on social media, the Pakhtun population from all folds of the country started protesting against the young model’s murder. Apparently, the Sindh Police, under Rao Anwar, had stated that Naqeeb was a terrorist who had been ‘neutralized’ in the operation.

However, reality was far different from the police’s claims. Naqeeb, who had almost 20,000 followers on Facebook, was a social media celebrity, and his death could never be shoved under the carpet.


All said and done, coming back to the recent developments, Rao Anwar, who has been jailed inside his own home in Malir, which had been made a ‘sub-jail’ is now demanding more facilities inside his own home. A man, who has the deaths of almost 444 innocent Pakhtuns on his hands, is being held inside his own home, with all the facilities already present, while the Chief Justice of Pakistan travels around in the country demanding less oil in his pakoras.


Muhammad Khan, the father of Naqeeb Mehsud, had contacted NAB against Rao Anwar’s corruption and yesterday, he wrote a detailed letter to the NAB chairman. This is what he said: “The salary of Rao Anwar as SSP was Rs 113,772 as on April 2018, while he made 74 trips to Dubai since 2012 which is impossible for someone to do with such a scale of earning. It is clearly obvious and evident from the following facts that Rao Anwar is involved in acquiring assets beyond his means and he was also involved in the offence of money laundering.”


“His numerous trips to Dubai clearly indicate that there is a real possibility that the money he has made from illegal activities has been laundered to Dubai and and other places which require serious investigation into money laundering by Rao Anwar.”

Furthermore, Naqeeb’s father claimed that Rao was running a racket with goons and local thugs, which included land grabbing, kidnappings, extortion, smuggling and other means which clearly show the sort of influence he had on Karachi and how much money he’s made during this time.



While the death of Naqeeb Mehsud has given birth to a movement that has somewhat worried the State, Rao Anwar, of all people, seems to be pretty in control of things. All of Rao Anwar’s demands are being met and the courts are more interested in cases that are of lesser importance. Will Naqeebullah Mehsud and the 444 other men who have been killed in fake encounters ever get justice?

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