The Truth Behind Raja Parvez Ashraf's Viral Video Of Splashing Lakhs Of Rupees On A Government Officer!


The Truth Behind Raja Parvez Ashraf’s Viral Video Of Splashing Lakhs Of Rupees On A Government Officer!


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Pakistan has been captivated by corruption from a long time and not one political party is blamed for it. All of them have been at some point accused of corrupting or using the public’s money for their personal use. PM Imran Khan being chosen to rule the country was a step towards making the country a better place and ridding it from these corrupt politicians.

A video uploaded on Facebook and many questions were raised against Raja Pervaiz Ashraf.

Recently, a video was uploaded on Facebook through an unknown source in which the Former Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf who stayed in the office from 22nd June 2012 to 16th March 2013 is assumed to be sprinkling a total of Rs.350,000 over a government officer. As stated in the video, the officer is being paid for some work that is to take place in China.

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According to some sources, the man in the video is Raja Pervaiz Ashraf whereas, some say that he’s a look-alike of the Former PM. But Raja’s presence is still not confirmed. Well, for clarity in aspects we have attached the video below. However, the video can be dubbed as fake. 

Check it for your own self!

Every party in the past has played its part in looting Pakistan and the people of its basic rights. Previously The Sharif family was proven guilty of corruption, owning properties abroad bought from the public’s money. Asif Ali Zardari has also been proven to have corrupted over the years and there have been many more.

So this has been going on for quite a long time but then the public voted for Imran Khan who wanted to change Pakistan for the better and make it a corruption free country. He’s proving to fulfill his words that he kept with the public of Pakistan but still, some are accusing him of not handling things properly whereas, he is just trying to sort things out that have been wronged because of the previous governments.

Despite his efforts, some political parties are still ongoing with their cheap tactics of getting things done. The reason for what the bribe is being paid for is unknown and we hope PM Imran Khan can soon get to the bottom of this matter and prevail justice that is required.

Hopefully, soon Pakistan will get rid of people who have caused hurdles in the success of it becoming a prosperous country.

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