PUBG Finally Apologizes For The 'Birthday Crate' Which Looked Like Holy Kaaba And Muslims Are Really Happy

PUBG Finally Apologizes For The ‘Birthday Crate’ Which Looked Like Holy Kaaba And Muslims Are Really Happy!


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Just yesterday people lashed out on Twitter every since PUBG released their latest update where their birthday crate was shaped into looking like the Kaaba.

PUBG is one of the most addictive game and the masses are gaga over this action game that has taken the entire world by storm.


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After the latest update, a lot of people uninstalled the game and posted screenshots online. The game is quite popular amongst the masses and it’s certain that uninstalling it affected them largely.

People were really upset with the new changes.

Here’s how another user responded…

There was social media rage…

To the above response of masses, PUBG responded with, “We appreciate your feedback on the Birthday Crate, and we apologize for this oversight. We will redesign the Birthday Crate and release it soon. Thank you for your continued support of PUBG MOBILE.”

To the above tweet, one user responded saying, “you should change the design of your birthday crate or else all the Muslim will leave the game. It is kindly requested to change your birthday crate which look likes kabah. I need an immediate response to it. Even I am also banning myself to play PUBG with a Royal Pass Unlocked….”

Another user thanked PUBG for their prompt action “thank You @PUBGMOBILE we really appreciate it! After the update, the game lags a lot on the lobby screen and it totally freezes sometimes and it ends up getting myself killed Please Fix the lags.”

Another user wrote, “Thank you for doing this u don’t know what it means to us.”

Another person wrote, “I was just going to uninstall PUBG but I thought I should check twitter first Thanks to taking action on birthday crate hope you will change it ASAP!!”

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did manage to release in 2017, the game didn’t suddenly shed all of its problems. Upon release day, there was a problem with the BP (or battle points) system for the game’s reward crates. A lot of players did not properly receive points based on their performance and PUBG Corp. has issued an apology for the occurrence.

So, this is clearly not the first time PUBG faced an issue with upsetting the gamers. It’s good to see how PUBG owned up to their mistake and is making an effort to rectify their fault. If you’re still playing the game, let us know what complains do YOU have regarding it.

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