The Best U-Turn PTI Has Ever Taken - Asia Bibi's Name To Not Be Put On Exit Control List!


The Best U-Turn PTI Has Ever Taken – Asia Bibi’s Name To Not Be Put On Exit Control List!


The political system of Pakistan has been marred with events that have always made it different from other States. The oxy and proxy wars that go on within, with or without external help, make it a human rights nightmare.

The incumbent government when it came into power thought they too would face a smooth and steady start to their administrative works, but as it evidently being seen, with great power comes great responsibility. The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, known for the many, many u-turns (a satirical remark for track-back on promises) he has taken.


Recently, the PTI government was hit with an unprecedented act, minus 10 on their part for not expecting it, when the Tehreek-i-Labaik rum rampant on Pakistan’s streets, causing mayhem and chaos, laying siege to the beautiful land. The 4-day protest caused immense losses to the national exchequer, along with lives lost and people being barred of the bare necessities of life.


With the Prime Minister out of the country and chaos prevalent, the government had to sit down with the TLP and chalk out a 5 point agenda which would end their protest, this in its entirety, was another U-turn PTI had taken after Imran Khan gave a diligent speech about State authority and its writ.

The recent U-turn, however, is probably the best one PTI has ever taken. As per Minister of State and Interior, Shaharyar Afridi, the government will not be placing Asia Bibi’s name on the Exit Control List, until the Supreme Court asks otherwise. He also stated that the rumors of Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan were false and that she was under government protection.

Afridi now says that the agreement was just a legal note of ‘starting action’ rather than adhering to all the demands. “Unless a person is declared guilty, there is no legal ground ─ how can his or her name be placed on the ECL?” he asked. “There is no question regarding this.”


“Every Pakistani, regardless of his creed or religion, is the state’s responsibility. No one in Pakistan can be given a license to play with someone’s life or property in order to get their terms accepted.”

However, as for filing a review petition to the Supreme Court, the government would allow TLP and/or its supporters to do so. In a bouquet full of U-turns this particular one where Asia Bibi is exempted from the Exit Control List seems to be the brightest flower.

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