The Death Of This 6-Month Pregnant Singer In Larkana Is Causing Countrywide Agitation!


The Death Of This 6-Month Pregnant Singer In Larkana Is Causing Countrywide Agitation!


Sometimes, in Pakistan, incidents occur that literally agitate the general public and they are forced to start a semi-driven movement just to bring it to the authorities’ notice.

That is exactly what happened in Larkana, sadly. A 6-month pregnant singer named Samina Sindhu was shot dead in front of a huge crowd at a gather, while she was singing a song for the public.


Samina was a 24-year-old singer, who was allegedly shot by a man named Tariq Jatoi. The reason? It is being alleged that Tariq Jatoi was extremely drunk, and when Samina Sindhu, whose real name is Samina Samoon, was asked to dance in front of the people. Since she is an artist, she used to do so in the past.

However, due to her pregnancy, that too of 6-months, Samina blatantly refused to dance for the men, but kept singing, even stood up from her place where she was sitting comfortably. Even though Samina had almost agreed to what the demand was, Tariq Jatoi, intoxicated, shot Samina from close range, hitting her with three bullets.

After the unfortunate incident, Samina was rushed to the Chandka Hospital in Larkana. The woman’s husband informed the police of Samina’s pregnancy and a FIR was registered against Tariq Jatoi. The rumors of the incident being one of aerial firing is incorrect, as the masses are now trying to protect Tariq Jatoi, claiming that it was an accident, not a deliberate murder.


Since then, Tariq Jatoi has been arrested and Home Minister Sindh Sohail Anwar Siyal, who also hails form Larkana, has taken notice of the incident and has ordered a foolproof inquiry into the matter.

This is how the rest of the country reacted to pregnant Samina’s murder

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