This Policeman From Karachi Records People Breaking The Law And Uploads The Footage On Social Media!


In Pakistan, the recent trends suggest that social media is the biggest platform to raise a social issue. For a very long time, people have found that the only thing that scares police, especially in Karachi, is a phone with its camera turned on.

When people are caught in action by Karachi police, the only thing that can save them from immediate hardship is the police knowing that whatever they say or do now, will end up on a social media forum tomorrow. Thus, the police, whenever in front of a camera, tries to stay calm and vigilant, not showing what exactly they are capable of.


However, what if in a parallel universe policemen started recording ordinary civilians for all the rule-breaking they do? What if a policeman was to film the civilians breaking law and action rigid, just as they do to the police?

Well, look no further, this policeman from Karachi does just that. He is vigilant and well-spoken, and whenever he counters somebody breaking the law and further arguing, he turns his phone’s camera on, records the whole incident, and then uploads it on Facebook. The recent two cases on his Facebook profile, a man arguing while coming wrong way on a main road, and another where a car has tinted windows, are entertaining people.

When you see a policeman with a phone camera, recording you, obviously you would not know how to react in that particular moment. However, this tactic looks like one that is extremely successful, especially with this policeman.

So the next time you’re about to break a law or do something that’s not right, and you encounter this policeman — please do not argue, cause the next thing you know, you too would be making social media headlines!

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