Pakistani Police Officer Takes his Life After He Was 'Humilated' By Senior Officers


Pakistani Police Officer Takes his Life After He Was ‘Humilated’ By Senior Officers


Suicide is increasingly becoming a global issue and a main cause of death for thousands of people every year. In a country like Pakistan, where there are many issues from health to economics, to social and psychological, the easiest solution people can find is to give up on their lives.

Professor Mubashar, who is a psychiatrist and UHS vice-chancellor, claims that approximately one million people commit suicide every year. “This represents one death every minute, almost 3,000 deaths every day, and one suicide attempt every three seconds.”

A junior police officer in Lahore, ASI Imtiaz took his own life. This was a suicide attempt by the investigation officer in Baghbanpura because of the attitude of his seniors towards him.

This junior officer was frustrated and hence attempted suicide…

Imtiaz was unable to deal with how his seniors were treating him. He was suspended when he asked for a leave. This suspension coupled with his own personal problems that prompted him to take action. When Imtiaz had asked to go on a leave, he was rebuked and pressurized by the Superintendent of the Police and this had frustrated him. His colleagues had reported that he was already going through some depression and was aggressive as a result. The behavior of SP did not help either.

Suicide rates are increasing day by day, minute by minute which is something to look into and find solutions for. This is not the first suicide case reported in the workplace. A few days ago, another young police officer in his early twenties committed suicide. Ahmed Hussain was from Badami Bagh area who killed himself due to reasons similar to Imtiaz.

Pressure in the workplace, frustration, and depression are becoming serious issues and leading causes for suicide. Awareness needs to be spread for this to be stopped. This case should be taken as a wake-up call for everyone so that whenever they are undergoing a similar situation, they do not take similar measures to stop it.

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