PTI MPA Tahir Randhawa's Nephew Slapped An On-Duty Police Officer In Public And The Poor Soul Was Left Crying!


PTI MPA Tahir Randhawa’s Nephew Slapped An On-Duty Police Officer And The Poor Soul Was Left Crying!


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Nephew of a member of the Punjab assembly, Tahir Randhawa, from Laiyyah, slapped an on-duty traffic police officer. His nephew’s name is Fahad Randhawa. The incident happened over a motorcycle parking dispute, on Thursday. Tahir Randhawa contested the elections as an independent candidate and later joined Pakistan Thereek-e-Insaf.

PTI MPA Tahir Randhawa’s nephew slapped a policeman in uniform

The incident took place in a market near AZAM Chawk in Layyah, on Thursday. Where Fahad Randhawa came for shopping. He parked his motorbike in a spot where parking wasn’t allowed. And no parking was clearly mentioned. The on-duty traffic police officer, Asad Raza, asked him to move his bike from the no-parking zone. But clearly, the MPA’s nephew considered himself to be above the rules and regulation and denied to comply.

Upon the traffic police officer’s insistence, Fahad Randhawa humiliated and slapped the officer after a verbal spat.  The video of the disheartened traffic warden, crying helplessly over his humiliation went viral on social media.

Later the traffic police officers refused to perform their duties to protest against the MPA’s nephew, and an FIR was registered against a man named Shahid Randhawa and the bully Fahad Randhawa.

Twitter reacted to the incident:

The incident stirred quite a rage on social media, people clearly are not having the elite play god. They asked for strict actions to be taken against the spoiled nephew of the MPA. Even better he should be slapped in public too.

The Twitter crowd called for strict action against the MPA and they want PTI to set an example,

Slapping a police officer is equal to challenging the writ of the state


This guy who suggested a penalty of 4 years and a fine for Fahad Randhawa

They hoped for a society where everybody is respected and treated equally, regardless of their social status…

They empathized with the young traffic warden…

In a nutshell,

In a country like Pakistan where the venom of VIP culture has seeped through the society, incidents like these are bound to happen. It’s high time that the state should treat all the citizen equally and guard their rights. MPA Tahir Randhawa and his nephew should face the consequences of their action.

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