PML-(N) Posted a Voting Poll on Facebook and The Results Will Leave You in Laughing Fits!


Pakistan right now is at a crucial state where elections are near and people are just curious who is going to win! The current ruling party, PML-(N) has had a very bad time during its tenure. The prime minister of Pakistan (Nawaz Shareef) was disqualified for the charge of corruption and for having companies overseas for which he was unable to prove where the money for all the investment came from! So now that Mr. Nawaz Shareef has been disqualified for a lifetime, PML-(N) has its spirits high for this election. PLM-(N) had a poll on it’s Facebook where they asked a very innocent question. Who will win this election of 2018?! The result will definitely give you a fit of laughter!

Umm… Ironic much!


Well, this has to be the meme of the year where a majority of the audience is a die-hard fan of PML-(N) actually voted for PTI in the poll? IRONIC! But the elections are nothing less than a thriller and suspense movie where no matter what, you just can’t predict who will win! Until the end, we’ll just have to wait for the results as people are hooked to their TVs to stay updated on the votes! And later when the result is compiled, some are joyous as ever for their desired party that has won whereas, the rest cry that the next 5 years are going to be very unpredictable!

Who are you going to vote this year? Write in the comments below 😉

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