PM Imran Khan Provides Grieving Sahiwal Family Rs 3 Crores


Imran Khan Sahiwal Incident - Parhlo

PM Imran Khan Provides Grieving Sahiwal Tragedy Family With Rs. 3 Crores As Compensation!


Prime Minister Imran Khan has met the family of the victims of Sahiwal encounter case. Along with Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar, Imran Khan paid his heartfelt condolences to the family for their loss. According to Punjab Government’s spokesperson Shahbaz Gill, PM Imran Khan distributed the cheques worth Rs. 30 million among the family.

“There can be no compensation for the loss of human lives, the government stands with the family and shares their grief,” said Imran Khan. Prime Minister also ordered to form the judicial commission to probe into the case.

Talking to media, Muhammad Jalil – one of the brothers of the victim said that the visit of Imran Khan to their house is a ray of hope for them. He also said that Prime Minister has assured us that justice would be served. “Our first demand was that a judicial commission is formed to probe the incident. The second demand was that the case be transferred to Lahore. And the third demand was that the false FIR registered by the JIT be revoked, Prime Minister Imran Khan agreed to all three of our demands and assured us that they will be met,” said Muhammad Jalil.

“We are now hopeful that we will get justice and the family will take to the streets again if justice was not provided,” told Jalil to media. Talking about the cheques, Muhammad Jalil said that the government has not done the family any favors by giving them the cheques, “they had only fulfilled the responsibility of the state,” added Jalil.

What Happened In Sahiwal Encounter Case?

Imran Khan Sahiwal Incident - Parhlo
Source: Pakistan Today

In January 2019, CTD opened fire on a car and four people lost their lives on the spot. The incident happened on GT Road near Qadirabad in Sahiwal. According to the CTD officials, they had conducted an intelligence-based operation but their statement was questioned when the children in the car told media that they were going to attend a wedding.

Later on, CTD claimed that the fourth person in the car identified as Muhammad Zeeshan was affiliated with some subversive group. Muhammad Zeeshan, according to the family of the victims, was driving the car and he lives in their neighborhood. Law Minister Punjab Raja Basharat has termed the incident as ‘collateral damage’ for which he was being criticized by social media users afterward.

What Government Of Punjab Has Done So Far To Probe In Sahiwal Encounter Case?

Imran Khan Sahiwal Incident - Parhlo

Under the supervision of Addition Inspector of Police Ijaz Shah, the Punjab government constituted a Joint Investigation Team (JIT). But the family wasn’t satisfied with the JIT report and Lahore High Court then ordered to conduct the judicial inquiry of Sahiwal case.

However, social media users are criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan who has finally ordered to form the judicial commission after four months of the incident. Let’s see if Imran Khan keeps his promise and serve justice to the family.

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