PIA Officers Exposed After Spending Millions On Air Hostesses


PIA Officers Exposed After Spending Millions On Air Hostesses


PIA with the notorious reputation from the last decade is still maintaining the bad fame they have carried along all this time. PIA is in a great deficit and the financial situation of the company is not calming down to slow any time soon. PIA’s deteriorating services have made even the most loyal of its customer to switch to another airline.

This time, PIA has not just climbed another step of ruining their reputation but also showed the drain where all the money is going. The money which could have been used to rectify their services and customer care is actually paving its way to something else. So, a recent news spread like a wildfire all over the internet in which a PIA officer was caught red-handed treating some air hostesses with luxury better than their customers.

The (in)famous news of PIA. You need to watch this!

PIA ka ek aur karnama

PIA ka ek aur karnama

Posted by Now Urdu News on Monday, May 21, 2018

This staff member of the CEO Musharaf Rasool was involved in the activity! Two of the air hostesses, Samreen Farhat and Zoheen Afzal were called to Islamabad and were made to stay in expensive hotels for 12 days. So, the question that people rose was, how can a staff member modify and violate the rules of the company without anyone’s knowledge?!

It was said that one of the said air hostesses is considered PIA COO Qadir Qureshi, favorite. Apart from the fact that there are receipts of the hotel check-ins and other activities, the air hostesses were also taken to Murree as well during the 12-day luxury vacation.

It is hard to say much about these facts that why the said authorities aren’t taking any actions regarding such violation! It is a crisp answer to all the customers who ask PIA to correct their services. May this be a wake-up call for the authorities to wake up from their deep slumber and look into this matter!

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