This Petrol Pump in Karachi Once Again gets Public Attention with another Scam of Looting its Customers


Petrol has always been precious! As precious as gold or any other important metal. Maybe for the very reason that the increase and decrease in petrol prices actually affect everything. The prices of fruits, vegetables, fabric and every household item get pricey and leave people in distress. Such prices scare people then and can make any middle class run out of the budget.

But this recent video got viral on Monday and this time, the culprit is none other than Shell. However, a different location. These boys went to Shell petrol pump on Shahra e Faisal and got victimized. They asked the guy to fill up the fuel for Rs. 1,500 but he stopped at Rs. 1,300 some rupees. If they wouldn’t have looked at the meter and since they paid the price already, the boys would have been ditched like many others. But upon confronting the said culprit, he admitted that he did it deliberately so he could have some money in his pocket.

Here’s the video of the incident:

Cheating caught at Main Shahra e Faysal shell Petrol Pump near PAF BASE….. Please BE CAREFUL whenever u go to fuel station…

Posted by ‎Karachi Walay – کراچی والے‎ on Monday, March 5, 2018

Last year, around this time, when a guy in Karachi wrote a Facebook about Shell petrol pump at Tipu Sultan Road of Karachi, he got ditched and he just happens to notice it. He and his friend went to the said petrol pump and asked the guy at the station to fill up the fuel for Rs. 510. Later, he looked around and noticed that the guy pressed some buttons and the price jumped from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500, he was shocked to see the tech-savvy fraud when the people are not looking at the meter when they fill their cars up.

Here’s what Musab wrote:

So, this just happened…
Me and my boy Naveed Hassan stopped over for fuel at SHELL TIPU SULTAN ROAD. (Near dunkin donuts/espresso). Asked the guy to fill for Rs.500 but just for fun added the change i had in my pocket Rs.10 making it Rs.510…
It is always better to fill up an odd figure because figures such as 500 1000 1500 are assigned to buttons which show you the amount you asked for but in reality give you much less fuel…
So while the fuel was being filled in my car, one of the staff knocked on the window and asked “V-power daaldun ya saada wala” hearing this i immidiately looked at the meter without replying (cuz obviously after you start filling, why would you ask konsa daalun) and caught another staff member push some button and the meter which was on 300 at the moment jumped to 500… seeing this both of us stepped out of the car and bashed those two chindi chors so hard that they accepted their mistake (also cuz there were now people looking at the scenario and from which one uncle was there just to complain that it happened with him this morning).
Also got to use the Aunty gormint phrase “ye saaray milkay…..” upon finding the right time…
There was so much panic in between those chindi chors that they filled up the remaining 200… then i told them that i gave 510 so they put the 10 again… and Naveed got the whole 510 back from them to teach them a lesson for future… they were more than happy to finish the scene by returning the money and asked us so so politely to not spread the word. But not doing so will only be encouragement for them.
So all of you please be aware of these smart (not so smart) chindi chors and avoid filling up your tanks from Shell Tipu Sultan…
P.s those Rs.510 will be given away as charity 🙂

So this just happened…Me and my boy Naveed Hassan stopped over for fuel at SHELL TIPU SULTAN ROAD. (Near dunkin…

Posted by Musab Rushad Ali on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Shell needs to take corrective measures and proper monitoring of such actions that take place at the pumps. The victims are making an appeal to people to avoid going to Shell pumps to avoid any fraud. Comment below to let us know if you have anything to add to the story!

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