Pakistan Launched Two Satellites And Indians Seem To Be Losing Their Heads


Pakistan Launched Two Satellites And Indians Seem To Be Losing Their Heads


In the wake of development, Pakistan recently has made a lot of development and progressed. We’re not only talking about the roads and bridges that have been the notorious talk of the town but other developments that make countries stronger on an international level and in the economic list. Pakistan is seen to be closely working with China since it is the most favorite ally of all times. People know that countries never become friends without having any benefit at the end. Yes, CPEC is China’s benefit from Pakistan. The silk route has the biggest investment the world has ever invested in. It’s a good thing for Pakistan to be a major part of it.

Pakistan recently launched its two satellites. The satellite was launched with the help of the Chinese Long March (LM-2C) rocket. Out of the two satellites launched, one is a remote sensing satellite (PRSS1) which is basically a dual purpose Earth observational and optical satellite.

These Satellites have made Pakistan stand in the list of few countries that have remote sensing satellite

Alhumdulillah! Pakistan successfully launched two satellites today onboard Chinese Long March (LM-2C) Vehicle. The first is a remote sensing satellite (PRSS1) which will be Pakistan's eyes on the world. Pakistan joins very few countries today to have its own remote sensing satellite! The second is a test satellite prepared by SUPARCO (PAK-TES-1A) which will deliver satellite manufacture capability to SUPARO. The launch took place at 11:56am Beijing Time at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gobi Desert (Inner Mangolia). PRSS-1 was successfully deployed 50 minutes later. We saw the Satellite Separate from the Launch Vehicle in real time with onboard camera in the Mission Control. The hall erupted in applause when it happened. Two minutes later the PaK-TES-1A was also deployed.We should all be proud. What a privilege to have witnessed the launch onsite and felt the tremendous sense of pride.Today is a 'Day' in the history of this country!P.S. Please read my addendum note on some background and future thoughts here: P.P.S. Please don't send me a friend request unless you know me or I know you. Instead subscribe my public page: Zaka Mosharraf Zaidi Rehan Allahwala Moeed Pirzada Arshad Ali Adil Najam's The Knowledge Economy.

Posted by Athar Osama on Sunday, July 8, 2018

The second satellite launched last week was PAK-TES-1A which has been developed by SUPARCO. The PAK-TES-1A is indigenously developed remote sensing satellite that weighs 285 KG which was completely made by engineers and scientists of Pakistan Space and SUPARCO.

Currently, Pakistan lacks the infrastructure to launch the satellite into space. So, the satellite was sent to China to send it to the orbit!

As soon as the news broke on the internet, people of Pakistan were beyond happy and ecstatic! This is one of the many proud moments for Pakistan.

But some Indians did not seem to digest the big news!



YES!! It indeed is expensive




Wow! This is a really good joke. We laughed -_-


Please, people, let’s respect each other’s progress and everyone can live in peace.

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