Pakistan Performs Better Than All Expectations In The 2018 Commonwealth Games!


Pakistan Performs Better Than All Expectations In The 2018 Commonwealth Games!


Pakistan, a member of the Commonwealth, always tends to take part in the extra-curricular games of the organization. Readily, this year as well, the country participated in the 2018 Commonwealth games, being held in Queensland, Australia.

Since Pakistan’s sports bodies have not been performing their duties as diligently as the cricket board does, there was second to no expectations from the athletes that were to perform in the Games.


However, shunning the whole country and the world, Pakistan has performed much better than all expectations. The highlight achievement came through Inam Butt from Gujranwala, who took part in the wrestling event. Inam Butt has brought the country its first  Commonwealth Gold medal of this year’s event, totaling the tally of medals to 5.

Two other wrestlers Tayyab Raza and Mohd. Bilal secured Bronze medals, while weightlifters Talha Talib and Nooh Butt also won Bronze for their charismatic performances in respective categories. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s hockey team could only secure the 7th position overall, after conceding 4 draws and finally, a win against Canada.

Winning 3-1, the Pakistan hockey team remain undefeated in the tournament, but the nature of their draws could not bring much to the table. However, overall, at the Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast), Pakistan has performed brilliantly, especially the wrestlers and weightlifters, who in the past, have kept the country’s flag flying high at the Games as well.

This is how the internet reacted to Pakistan’s performance in the CWG 2018

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