Pakistan Army Recovers Foreigners Who Had Been Abducted For Five Years!


Pakistan Army Recovers Foreigners Who Had Been Abducted For Five Years!


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Pakistan Army, considered as the most capable force in the world, is known to stand out from others. The diligence and sense of responsibility the Pakistan Army have remain unmatched.

Breaking news from different electronic media channels suggests that Pakistan Army has successfully recovered five foreigners who had been missing since 2012. The whole world had been trying to find the foreigners who were abducted by unknown assailants.


The foreigners include a Canadian man, his American wife, and their three children. The family was kidnapped near Kabul, Afghanistan, and had been away from the radar for five years. If suggestions are correct, the man is Joshua Boyle, a Canadian, and his American wife is Caitlan Coleman.

In 2016, Taliban had posted a video of the couple demanding the US President to help them by complying with the Taliban’s demands. Initially, the couple had no children when they were abducted. However, fresh reports suggest that they might have had three children while in Taliban custody.


According to a report published in The Star (2016), “Coleman was five months pregnant at the time they were kidnapped and gave birth in custody. A second boy followed in 2015, delivered by flashlight in the darkness of their cell after what Boyle told his parents was a “seven-and-a-half-month surreptitious pregnancy.”

The statement of the family’s recovery was sent to media outlets by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). It is a huge achievement that after 5 years of different security agencies looking to find the family, Pakistan Army has come out on top.

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