Captain Husnain Embraced Martyrdom While Rescuing His Wounded Soldiers In Kurram


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When us civilians sit and discuss the role of Pakistan Army, a majority of us are of the opinion that the lives of officers serving in our military force is nothing short of perfect. We believe that they have nothing to worry about and spend most of their time sitting and waiting for something to happen, which never does.

However, the reality is worlds apart from our expectations and thinking. Our officers dedicate and designate their lives to the security of the country and the people who live here, always ready to embrace martyrdom.


One such sad incident took place yesterday in Kurram Agency. A Pakistan Army captain named Husnain embraced martyrdom when an IED (improvised explosive device) exploded. As per the story reported by people close to Husnain, this is what happened.

Husnain was on a video call talking to his wife and his one and a half-year-old son, who live in Islamabad. This is when he got a wireless message that his wing unit had been affected by an IED blast. Husnain bid farewell to his family and said that he would return soon to talk to them. Husnain geared up and rushed to the place where the blast occurred.

Upon reaching, Husnain saw his soldiers lying on the ground wounded, while nobody would go forward to help them due to more IEDs being placed in the area. Husnain could not bear the sight and told his JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) he was going to rescue his jawaans. On being stopped by many, he continued the rescue on his own.


After successfully rescuing two of his soldiers, Captain Husnain embraced martyrdom when a third IED exploded in the same area. Husnain’s resilience, courage and the sense of helping his wing is incomparable. The young colt, a bright officer, lost his life trying to help his soldiers, instead of staying behind and waiting for backup to arrive.

Incidents like these remind us of the constant war our forces are fighting, paying no heed to their future, families or anything else, just to secure the country they live in. Captain Husnain’s sacrifice must be recognized and not forgotten by us. May Allah Almighty grant him the highest place in Jannah and provide impeccable Sabr to his family.

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