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Orya Maqbool Claims That It's Men's Fundamental Human Right To Send 'Fahaash Pictures And This Is Sickening

Orya Maqbool Claims That It’s Men’s Fundamental Human Right To Send ‘Fahaash’ Pictures And This Is Sickening!


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We recently saw a tiny glimpse of the Indian media, and it was nothing but pure cringe. How the people are shouting at the top of their lungs and no one listening to anyone and not bothered about what the other person is saying. The main point of discussion for them was “Pakistan” and “Pakistan” solely! But they still found ways to heat things up for the sake of TRP. You know by adding some spice to milk the benefit from the current given situation!

This is the best strategy upon which half the world is benefiting from – Add a little contradictory statement and you are good to go viral!

OHOOO! Aray bhae, when everyone is doing so, why should Pakistan be left behind?! This March, on the international women’s day, ladies from all over the world marched and raised their voices against issues like “unequal pay” “discrimination” “gender biases” “domestic issues” and what not! These issues are not bound to any land or house, these are international issues. Any women would relate to such issues, and in the march, there were men to support the issues being raised theirs!

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