An Open Letter To The People Of Pakistan From Mian Junior Safdar


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Note: this is a satirical article — all information in the article is generated only for the purpose of raising genuine awareness and of course, laughs. 

[ADDITIONAL: the article is NOT written by Junaid Safdar — it is purely in the name of satire] 

Growing up in Pakistan, you’ve surely learned a lot of different things including the assembling of your own political opinions. Almost every single person in the country is politically aware and is either for or against the status quo.

The current crisis in Pakistan, with the disqualification of former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, has left the ground open for the rest of the family to make their name and contest the 2018 general elections with vigor.

One of the youngest members of the Sharif family looks forward to joining mainstream politics and has written an open letter to the people of Pakistan, requesting for their cooperation and votes; and the reasons he has given are absolutely flawless.

Open letter from Junior Safdar

“Assalam o Alaikum Pakistan,

My name is Mian Junior Safdar, I am the son of Captain retired Safdar Awan and Maryam Nawaz Safdar, the grandson of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Kulsoom Nawaz, cousin of Hamza Shahbaz and grand-nephew of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

I have recently returned from England after completing my higher education. And I believe I was destined to do this, which is to dedicate my life to politics and the betterment of Pakistan. I would like to continue the level of hard work my grandfather has done for the country. 

I know politics is a difficult and dirty field, but history bears witness, that the Sharif family is not just Sharif by name, we have no dirt against us. The recent Panama case was a Yahoodi saazish and everybody in the world knows it, believe me, I have traveled 206 countries and asked people myself! 

Alhamdullilah, there were a lot of opportunities for me to work, but I chose politics. Believe me, my uncles Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz offered me to work from home in their companies and cash out an immense amount of money every month but I refused. You know why? Because I want to work for the people of Pakistan (also because I am scared of what happened to Nana Jaan). 

Pakistan, I want to do something for you!! Will you support me?

I will be contesting the next elections against the Yahoodi and Nisari agents of Tehreek-e-Be-Insaaf and will show the power of a common man. I am the son of a retired army captain. I AM THE SON OF A WOMAN WHO PRESENTED HERSELF IN ALL MALE JIT as she set an example of equal accountability before the law for women! 

My grandfather pressed the button on 28th May 1998, Thursday, at 3:30 pm and made this country a nuclear power! My Nana and his brother built motorways and colorful trains and parks for recreation but nobody sees that! A man without any caliber, Imran Khan, only sees Calibri! Ab aisa nahi chalega! 

Pakistan, come on the streets! Show support for my family. Show support for democracy!  Pakistan, vote for Sher, vote for Junior Safdar!

P.s – I have also done multiple Umras and also know how to ride a horse.”

The word is out and the lion is ready. Are you going to support this handsome hunk in the coming elections?

Idea courtesy: Shahzaib R.

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