An Old Man And His Daughter Were Dragged And Humiliated By Islamabad Police And This Is Sheer Badtameezi!


An Old Man And His Daughter Were Dragged And Humiliated By Islamabad Police And This Is Sheer Badtameezi!


Education is the core of human evolution. When renaissance happened in 14-15th century, people started exploring into various fields of work as art and architecture and physics! It was much later when people started to believe that these are the thing to nurture life around ones own self and others. That education which once was just an illusion, or thought to be waste of time was the core motive to sustain life itself.

Much later, centuries after the arrival of the Renaissance, people still in many parts of the world do not like the idea of women getting an equal amount of education. That mindset is usually backed by the idea that women belong in the kitchen and that they will eventually be raising kids.

But women, from the start of the time, have won the battle in every field they choose to work. In fact, it is proven in many spaces that women work more than most men. In most Pakistani households, women manage their houses and work together.

So, this girl named Sehrish Sultan, who worked hard against all odds and got selected for a job on merit, went through something really terrible. She cleared the NTS and was selected for the interview.

However, she was allegedly given fewer marks, due to which she did not get the job! Sehrish and her father protested and this is what happened!

Sehrish stated that the governer education; Farooq Tahir gave her 6 marks out of 10 in the interview. She was selected on merit for the interview, but she was not hired. Sehrish said that the government education did not give her marks but rather favored the people he wanted to and processed their results further for the job.

When Sehrish and her father stood in protest in front of the Prime Minister Secretariat; the police dragged Sehrish’s father and disrespected him in front of the media and all the other people.

It seems like Sehrish and her father along with all the other people were protesting for quite long and the police were standing there for them to end the protest and go home. But she and her father did not move an inch and stood there, it was only then when all of a sudden police lost their patience and started dragging Sehrish’s father by his collar in front of his daughter.

It is understood that police is given all the right to remove the protesters if they are given the permit. And it is completely visible in the video that the police are not afraid of the consequences of disrespecting someone who is conducting a peaceful protest!

The people standing at the secretariat were not bothering anyone nor they were shouting or chanting. But police did as they liked.

However, the question still stays the same, will Sehrish get her right to merit? Is this how our “Naya Pakistan” treats the talented kids who grab the opportunity with merit? Have anything to add in the story? Let us know in the comments below.

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