Muslims Should Avoid 'Gaming' And Cricket 'Night Matches' In Ramadan To Reap Benefits Of The Holy Month


Muslims Should Avoid ‘Gaming’ And Cricket ‘Night Matches’ In Ramadan To Reap Benefits Of The Holy Month


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With Ramadan here, every Muslims family in Pakistan have covered themselves with the cloak of piety in this Holy month. The month, where Muslims gather strength and fast, avoiding all negativities, including abstaining from food, is one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar.

However, whenever Ramadan falls during the Summers, almost every single person just looks forward to ‘getting through’ the tough circumstances they will face in this month.

While most of us sleep through the whole ‘roza’, only to wake up a couple of hours before Iftaar, the essence of Ramadan is bypassed by our own actions. The month which is an opportunity for the Ummah to make the most of is shied away from by how we spend our time during the fast and after it.

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From sleeping through the day to activities we plan for after iftaar, we must find a balance between deen & dunya when in this Holy month. Tuaha Ibn Jalil, a famous Islamic speaker from the Islamabad youth club, addressed this issue in one of his video, where he talked about ‘gaming’ and cricket ‘night matches’ that prevail in Pakistan throughout Ramadan.

As per the speaker, correctly, Pakistanis spend so much time and effort to arrange cricket matches (night matches, tournaments), spend so much money, just to make this month worthwhile. However, that is not the true purpose of Ramadan.

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As compared, the Sahabas (companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH) prepared for Ramadan almost 6 months in advance, and all their planning revolved around how they would spend time praying to Allah Almighty, doing good deeds and seeking forgiveness.

On the other hand, the people in Pakistan, today, plan how they will play PUBG all night, or FIFA, or Counterstrike – and the most popular of them all, night cricket.

Tuaha Ibn Jalil stated: “one night’s praying in Ramadan is equal to 82.4 years for a Muslim” – further asking Muslims, why they were wasting all their time playing all these games instead of praying to Allah? He said that every second of this month is very important, the person who can save his ‘seconds’ can fulfill the duties bestowed upon on in Ramadan.

Instead of playing all these games, Muslims should compare how they performed in the previous Ramadan, how much he prayed, how many good deeds he did, how much Zakat and Sadaqah he gave, etc. One needs to focus on the true essence of Ramadan, instead of what we’ve made it.

May Allah guide us all and give us the strength to control our will. Ameen.

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