Mushahidullah Calls Imran Khan Sunny Leone of Pakistan and People Are Having a Good Laugh!


Mushahidullah Calls Imran Khan Sunny Leone of Pakistan and People Are Having a Good Laugh!


In political science, it is often said that politics is a dirty, dirty game. However, what the subject doesn’t tell you is that for a dirty game to succeed, one needs a lot of dirty players.

Politics in Pakistan, ever since inception, has been a game for the masters, the kingmakers. In our country, the dirty game takes on a dirtier sense, leaving no room for the good ones to nurture themselves. Here, whoever has power and the guts to gamble, becomes a renowned politician.


The current minister of Climate Change in Pakistan, Mushahidullah Khan is a seasoned politician, a veteran, who represents the Pakistan Muslim League-N. Ever since the incumbent government came into power, PTI Chairman Imran Khan has been on his heels, trying to defame and bring down the political status quo.


After almost 5 years of completion for the PML-N government, the lawmakers are now taking jabs at Imran Khan as well. Mushahidullah Khan, who is older than Imran (if not the same age), labeled him as the ‘Sunny Leone of Pakistan’ – an adult actress who turned her career around and became a Bollywood celebrity.

The reason? Well, Mushahidullah explained it best. As per him, since Imran Khan had so much love for staying in the news and loves the attention, he is similar to Sunny Leone. He is ready to do anything to be a part of the names.

Instead of anger, the popular public opinion on this issue seems to be laughter. People are having a good laugh at the incident and the comment Mushahidullah Khan made.

As for Insafians, everyone in Pakistan knows that they never hear anything against their leader or take it lightly. PTI members and supporters on social media platforms have slandered Mushahidullah for his comments. But the comparison he made, even though an exaggeration, is bound to make you laugh!

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