This Bizarre New Trend Of 'Needles' Is Becoming Widely Popular And Has Left Everyone Speechless


This Bizarre New Trend Of ‘Needles’ Is Becoming Widely Popular And Has Left Everyone Speechless


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We’re living in an era where any unusual activity taking place such as the one we’re going to talk about instantly becomes viral and the entire world loses their chill. This crazy practice is a part of the BDSM (Bondage/Domination/Sado-Masochism Culture) where needles are brutally stuck into the skin.

What’s so bizarre about it?

Now, the very first reaction after reading this would send chills down the spine, however, for people belonging to the BDSM culture, it’s as normal as breathing or drinking water on a daily basis. Widely known as needle play, it’s a practice in which needles are stuck decoratively through the skin with both ends sticking out which is somewhat like an artistic form of acupuncture. It is commonly practiced in homes and/or BDSM events around the world.

Source- Jilf

A 43-year old profound needle artist, named Jilf, has been practicing needle sessions for more than 20 years in Melbourne, Australia and says that it all began with a simple needle inserting habit into her own skin and then gradually moved onto doing it on her friends and described it to be fun learning about the skin anatomy.

Source- Jilf

In order to be able to carry out this practice, one must be skilled enough to do so, and for this, some people give classes on needle play and teach how to master the art of needling on the skin. According to some people who have experienced this, describe it to be more of a pleasurable yet painful experience depending on the sizes of needles and where they’re inserted. The sizes can vary from 30g all the way to 4g.

Jilf further adds that the overall experience of needling sessions is more of a ritualistic one and that it brings people more closely to spirituality. Likewise, the whole session from the beginning till the end requires a ritualized physical setup either by adding some music, sitting quietly or by having friendly conversations so that it can be felt more emotionally throughout.

Source- Jilf

Would you dare to try this out? To check out any of her work, she runs a website along with other female artists called ‘this is for art’ which is entirely dedicated to their sadomasochism.

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