These Pakistanis Got A Little Too "Jazbaati" in London And Tried To Damage Nawaz Sharif's Residence!


These Pakistanis Got A Little Too “Jazbaati” in London And Tried To Damage Nawaz Sharif’s Residence!


The elections are near and people are going crazy. And not to mention we are talking about people all over the world, yes! For the elections in just one country, Pakistanis spread all over the world are getting jazbati with each passing day! Almost everyone must have heard that our ex-PM Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced 10 years of imprisonment, his daughter Maryam Nawaz for 7 years and her husband for one year; over the charges of overseas businesses and property.

So, some of the PTI followers and few neutral British-Pakistani went up to the residence of Nawaz Sharif in London and started protesting on his street. After which all the PML-N supporters started pushing them away from the street and even abused them as well. These people who opposed the ideas from PMLN followers were not seen to get rescued by any police or any other law enforcement.

Here’s the whole video of a Pakistanis attacking/damaging Nawaz Sharif’s residence

*Warning: Profanity*

Wow. We’re still wondering where were the authorities?

Another video that surfaced the internet:

لندن /= نواز شریف کی رہائش ایون فیلڈکے باہرسمندر پار پا کستان تحریک انصاف کے کارکن اکھٹے ہو گئے – یاد رہے یہ وہی فلیٹ ہیں جس پر موصوف کو سزا دی گئی ہے۔پی ٹی آئی کارکنان کا مجرم نوازشریف کیخلاف نعرے بازی میاں نواز شریف کو دس سال سزا اور مریم نواز سات سال سزا کا ردعملPlz like Fb /= Overseas PTI

Posted by Overseas PTI on Friday, July 6, 2018

This is absolutely insane considering the fact that all this took place in London!

There are people asking why are they accepting the wrong that PMLN and its leaders have done; that too, in front of the apartments upon which Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced 10-years of jail. PMLN and its leaders are not ready for people to ask them questions on their right or wrongdoings.

These fights are inevitable, every election, people expect such fights to happen. Some would happen before elections, some during elections and others after election. People are ready to give their lives for their desired party.

This year around it’s very difficult to judge who will win this election. It is indeed still a suspense for every party. Everyone seems to win and everyone seems to lose. May the odds be with our country and the best wins!

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