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Nawaz Sharif – A Man Of Deeds Or a ‘Making Money’ Machine


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Nawaz Shareef aka Godfather is in hot water these days. His words are getting a harsh tone for some of the state institutions alleging them of his conviction are venom for the state. Probably when an ex-sitting’ Prime Minister makes such sort of allegations, it should be taken seriously but in Pakistan, no one even pays the heed to it; especially the people of the Islamic republic state of Pakistan.

Somehow it’s good for Nawaz opponents but not for Pakistan and his people. While setting the standards of justice, you must be in accordance with the rule of law and moral values. But in this case, Nawaz is mere being considered a mentally retarded convicted man who seems to be merely speaking for his corruptions and allegations. Why? Why have we got the worst moral values? Why don’t we even pay heed to the words of ex-prime Minister of our own country? That’s irony and condemnable.


Lahore’s Model Town incident defines the moral values of the whole nation. The brother of ex-Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef and his company was alleged of that serious crime that even got on the air to all the national and international media. So do you really think that the people those who didn’t care for the deaths of pregnant women in the daylight of Lahore would damn care of their ex-Prime Minister’s words? Now there’s the irony here.

There’s a famous saying, “Everything has a price.”, so Shareefs are now paying the price of their own settled standards. This comes out when you play with your institutions just for own sake and values. This comes out when there’s a dark society even in a sunshine. Instead of blaming institutions, establishment, and agencies if you had played a vital role in the development of the nation, the people would have stood out for you chanting of your bravery and leadership. Ending with the famous quote, “Nations are born in the hands of leaders but die in the hands of politicians.”

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