Finally! The National Assembly of Pakistan Passes a Bill That Aims to Protect Children


Finally! The National Assembly of Pakistan Passes a Bill That Aims to Protect Children


Behind many closed doors, the innocence of our child has forcefully taken away from them. They kept screaming for help but we as a nation failed to help them at that very moment and even after that. Carrying the dark past as their childhood memory, only a few have gotten justice while the others learned to accept it as a bad part of their life. Although, after ages of struggle and hard work, finally a child protection bill has been passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan.

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After the Kasur scandal, several questions were raised on the law and order system, but the issue didn’t get much attention. However, Zainab’s case was yet another reminder for the people in power to do something to protect the children of this nation. As an increase in the number of children being sexually abused was making things go out of control.

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On Wednesday, the National Assembly’s session passed ‘The Islamabad Capital Territory Child Protection Bill’ whose goal is to keep every child of Pakistan away from abuse, violence, exploitation, and neglect in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). Kudos to all the lawmakers on the lower house of parliament who adopted the bill.

The MNA Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar who moved the statement of objects and reasons of the bill shared that “the bill has been drafted in compliance with constitutional provisions and the policy of the government to protect children from violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect.” He also added that every province has their own laws but there was an important need to make a distinct legislation for keeping the children in ICT safe and sound.

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Inception of the ‘Child Protection Advisor Board’ and ‘Child Protection Institutions’ will also be constituted to safeguard the children from abuse, maltreatment, exploitation, neglect and mental violence. In the upcoming three months, a ‘Child Protection Advisory Board’ is also to be made headed by the Federal Secretary Ministry of Human Rights who will be the chairperson validated the ACT.

The Government from now on will be getting the suggestions on the matter related to policy, legislation, and implementation of the rights of the child based on the international laws and obligations. Furthermore, a report will also be made to inform the leaders about the children who need protection by maintaining a record. Along with all this good work, another bill was also passed named ‘the Juvenile Justice System Bill, 2017’ which will be dealing with the criminal justice system. In case a female is to be arrested then only a female will be allowed to arrest her or release her under the administration of a male officer.

source: Pakistan Today

The clause says “Juvenile may be charged with and tried together with an adult by the juvenile court if the court is satisfied that it is in the interest of justice to hold a joint trial. The court may also dispense with the presence of the juvenile before it and may be allowed to joint proceedings through audiovisual technology,”. If you liked this article then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.

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