Rescue 1122 Workers Steal the Innocence of a 15-Year-Old Mentally Challenged Girl in Nankana Sahib!


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Our society never admits that Pakistani men are capable of raping women – be it young girls or the fully covered women. We have heard countless stories; each day a new story unfolds. Yet our society never believes it.

Here’s another reported incident which may go unnoticed. What’s heartbreaking about this is how the men, who are now arrested, sexually assaulted and raped a mentally challenged girl. Do these men not spare anyone?

On Sunday, a mentally challenged teenage of the Sikh community was raped by two workers inside an ambulance in Nankana Sahib. As per the FIR registered, the teenage girl was missing from her home on Saturday midnight.

Upon searching, the parents of the girl went to the worship place, Gurdwara Sahib. At 1:30 am, the parents found the Rescue 1122 ambulance parked at the bypass and noticed it in the same position for 20 minutes.

The parents then followed their gut-feeling and sneaked inside the ambulance, where they found two men sexually assaulting their daughter. The identified men are Sameen Haider and Ahsan Ali.

Because the men were in a vehicle, they flee the scene once the parents caught them. While fleeing the scene, they threw the girl out of the ambulance.

Shireen Mazari even expressed her thoughts on this incident

Of course, the family is demanding justice for the crimes conducted by these two men. They are demanding that the police arrests this two individual now that they are identified and caught red-handed.

On the other hand, a medical exam is being conducted on the victim as well.

The society, collectively, needs to step up and understand that these crimes take place in Pakistan and yes, it was not the mentally challenged girl’s fault. Victim blaming needs to end and the criminals need to be held accountable for their disgusting actions.

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