A Muslim Guy in India Was Brutally Beaten up And Forced To Say "Jai Shiri Ram"


A Muslim Guy in India Was Brutally Beaten up And Forced To Say “Jai Shiri Ram”


Vinay Meena is the man who allegedly slapped another man about 25 times and forced him to “Jai Shiri Ram”. The victim of the violence seems scared but kept his mouth shut and didn’t utter anything. Muhammad Salim after being slapped and abused severely didn’t agree to demands of Vinay Kumar. This incident happened in India and the people of India do not seem to buy it. During the act, Vinay recorded the video of the whole violence and narrated his name in the video and later posted it on social media.

Muhammad Salim, who is 45-years-old was forced to say “Jai Shiri Ram” in Sirohi district, India. The culprit Vinay Kumar who is a teenager recorded the video and circulated it on the internet. In the video of 3 minutes, the victim seemed to have been slapped 25 times. Upon which, Salim replied “Parvardigaar sabse bada hai (God is almighty).” The Muslim community filed a report against Meena and protested at Abu Road City police station.

Muslim man slapped '25 times', forced to say 'Jai Shri Ram'A video of the act, recorded and circulated by the accused, Vinay Meena (18), is doing the rounds on the internet.In the three-minute clip, Meena is seen slapping Mohammad Salim 25 times and forcing him to say "Jai Shri Ram", to which the victim responded: "Parvardigaar sabse bada hai (God is almighty)."

Posted by Ravindra Joshi on Tuesday, 6 February 2018

SP Sirohi Om Prakash said:

An FIR was registered yesterday based on a complaint we received from members of the Muslim community, he did voluntarily caused hurt, promoted enmity, hurt religious sentiments, broke peace

Last year, on December 6, another video went viral of an Indian Muslim who was burnt alive till death in Rajsamand in Rajasthan. Shambhu Lal, in a red shirt, white trousers, and a white muffler, was seen leading Ifrazul to a spot in the woods. A place 5 hours far from Jaipur. The killer recorded the video of the victim when he set him on flames and the victim died a brutal death. The video of the whole act was posted by the killer on WhatsApp and went viral. Internet was suspended in the area to stop the circulation of the barbaric video.

Another brutal act of Mob lynching. In Alwar, India in cow vigilantism case, 55-year-old Pehlu Khan was brutally beaten to death by 3-4 men. This cow vigilantism case caused enough roar on the internet and people of India did not approve this hideous act in any way. Pehlu Khan, including his sons, were beaten by some locals at Behror because the culprit thought they were smuggling cows.

But in reality, Pehlu was not a smuggler instead, he was a farmer who went to Jaipur to buy milch buffaloes for increasing milk production in Ramazan. Pehlu was with his sons Aarif and Irshad when they were all mercilessly beaten up.

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