Modi Mistakenly Called Kochi As 'Karachi' And People Think He Has The Fear Of Pakistan On His Mind -

Modi Mistakenly Called Kochi As ‘Karachi’ And People Think He Has The Fear Of Pakistan On His Mind!


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On Monday, while addressing a gathering after inaugurating various developmental projects in Jamnagar, Narendra Modi ended up referring Kochi – a city in Kerala as ‘Karachi’. For securing votes in the general elections 2019, Narendra Modi is visiting different states of the country but his visit to Jamnagar became notorious after his tongue slip.

“Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, if a resident of Jamnagar has gone to Bhopal and falls sick, he need not come back to Jamnagar for treatment. If he shows his (Ayushman Bharat) beneficiary card, he will get free treatment even in Kolkata and even in ‘Karachi’. Not Karachi but Kochi. Nowadays my mind is preoccupied with the thoughts of the neighboring country”, Modi said in his address.

He also talked about the fake Indian strikes in Pakistan. “But that (air strike in Pakistan) was also necessary. Should that be done or not?” Modi asked the applauding crowd. According to the Indian Times, he also said that we would not hesitate to strike at the root of illness of ‘dehshatgardi’ afflicting India.

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As the general elections in India are expected to be held in May 2019, the pre-election hype is expanding in every state. If on one hand, BJP ministers are busy in calculating their seats in Lok Sabha after Pulwama incident, PM Narendra Modi is never missing a chance to criticize opposition party leaders. And his main target is obviously, Rahul Gandhi. He mocked Rahul Gandhi as a student in a conference spoke about dyslexia.

Last week, during the video conference for ‘Smart India Hackathon 2019’, an engineering student from Dehradun told the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about a program that could help dyslexic children who face reading and writing difficulties. Sharing his idea during the video call, she said, “We have an idea to help dyslexic children, whose pace of learning and writing is very slow. But they have a high intelligence and creativity level as you have seen in the movie Taare Zameen Par…”

To which Narendra Modi made fun of his question and instead of commenting sensibly on this serious issue, he asked, “Will this program work for a 40-50-year-old child too?”. Unfortunately, the people sitting in the room laughed and applauded for him. The student on the call was courageous enough and she replied with a ‘yes’. But Modi didn’t sit relax on this. He asked the second lame question! “Then that will make the mothers of such children very happy,” he said.

Bangalore-based cartoonist Aravinda Tegginamath took this on social media and shared an illustration about Modi’s remarks on dyslexic children, her illustration is shared by hundreds of people on Twitter.

Modi’s comments were being seen as distasteful to criticize his political rival. There is a month left in elections in India, let’s see what other plans BJP and Narendra Modi has for being in the news.

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