320 Girls Have Been Asked To Leave The Hostel After Leaking PAT Member, Khurram Nawaz’s Video


A few days ago, a video of  PAT member was leaked where he was seen shouting at the hostel girls at Minhaj Al Quran University. The girls who were present there somehow made a video of Khurram Nawaz misbehaving with the girls. He started shouting and said things like “You haven’t seen the real face of mine!”, “haven’t your parents taught you any manners?!”, “Anyone who will open her mouth will go straight out of the hostel”

He was misbehaving with all these girls because of the fact that Mr. Khuram was not informed about an event in which all the girls were officially invited to. So, he got angry that he should have been informed separately.

Here’s the glimpse of what happened at the Minhaj Al-Quran University Hostel

After the videos had gone viral and everyone got to know his real face, it was said that those 320 girls were asked to move out of the hostel immediately by 31st of May. The parents of all the girls asked the authorities to look into the matter again. In a press conference, the parents also raised a valid concern saying that why will all the girls suffer only because of a few? How will we afford the fees of a private hostel at all?

But upon asking Minhaj Al-Quran University, they denied any such claims and said that it was Bait-ul-Zahra hostel that has asked all these girls to leave the hostel. The said hostel comes under the supervision of Minhaj university but girls live there considering it a private hostel.

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