This Medical College In Punjab Has Placed A Rs. 10,000 Fine On Students Who Fail Their Tests!


This Medical College In Punjab Has Placed A Rs. 10,000 Fine On Students Who Fail Their Tests!


Pakistan is one of the countries that tops the lists of producing capable doctors worldwide. The Pakistani diaspora all over the world holds a strong list of capable professionals in the field of medicine. Every year, hundreds of doctors leave the country in a bid to enhance their skills and grow professionally, outside the country.

This incursion is caused by a host of different reasons. Low salaries, life protection, lack of benefits and the way of teaching (during their MBBS) are reasons that doctors opt to work outside the country and not in Pakistan.


One example of the way students are taught in medical colleges has come from Sialkot. According to a notification by the Sialkot Medical College in Punjab, aspiring doctors will have to pay the price for failing their exams in all its literal sense.

This is what the notification read: “Keeping in view the poor performance of 2nd year MBBS class in Biochemistry Test it is decided that a re-test will be taken on Thursday, 8th February, 2018. Students who fail the re-test will be fined Rs. 10,000. Further, if more than 10 students fail the re-test, the Reception party will be cancelled!” 

The notification was photographed and uploaded on social media, where a huge uproar has erupted. Students failing their tests for an institution is never a bright sight, but that doesn’t mean that they will be forced to pay money on poor results. Getting an MBBS degree in Pakistan has become extremely tough after the increasing competition among students.


Once enrolled in the college, students have to pay hefty amounts of money to the universities in fee and other extra-curricular activities. Paying hundreds of thousands rupees and then having to pay additional sums of money for their general poor performance is unacceptable, in any country. Apart from the fees, students also have to buy their own kits, which include accessories worth thousands of rupees.

Not only this, but the Sialkot Medical College also stated that if more than 10 students from the 2nd year batch failed to pass the re-test, their reception party will also be cancelled, which further adds to the students’ anxiety.


Another medical & dental college from Sialkot also issued a fine that went viral on social media. Last year, in December, a male student was fined Rs. 2000 for standing with a girl and talking to her. Studying in a professional institute, in a bid to become doctors who save patients lives (regardless of them being male or female), this step was also denounced by the general populous.

What do you think about these steps that have been taken by medical colleges? Is it good for the students or will it have an adverse effect?

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