A Medical College In Lahore Confiscated Students' Phones And Literally Destroyed Them!


A Medical College In Lahore Confiscated Students’ Phones And Literally Destroyed Them!


If Pakistan produces one thing in abundance, it is doctors and medical/health professionals. In the 70 year history of the country, Pakistani doctors have been renowned all over the world due to their hardworking nature and peculiar skills in the field.

However, these doctors spend a huge chunk of their lives in a medical college, full of restrictions, where they are to balance a hectic study routine with other impetuses of life. One medical college in Pakistan has made the journey a little bit tougher for its students.

Source: zindagiwebphotos.com

As per a video that went viral on social media, the Avicenna Medical College in Lahore, did something that nobody expected, including the students of the same medical institute. Administration of the college first confiscated all the phones and later, destroyed them in public.

According to students who study in the same institute, the dean of the college is a retired Army Officer, who is extremely strict about following rules and a proper decorum. The institute had constantly been telling the students to not bring their phones to school, something that just doesn’t grasp the mind, considering that these are adult people studying medicine, who may need to communicate with their families even for the sole purpose of coming to the college.

After many warnings and constant confiscating of phones, the dean of the medical college decided to go one up on the students, as all the confiscated phones were brought together and smashed to their end with a huge rock.

The lower staff of the institute then recorded the video while breaking the students’ phones. And these are not old-school phones that do not cost, but smartphones that are worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. Following the decorum of an institute is one thing, but to destroy students’ personal property, that surely needs to be investigated and these ‘doctors to be’ need to be compensated for their losses.

People also reported that the Avicenna Medical College keeps its students at the vicinity of the institute from morning to midnight, and if the students fail to deliver ‘good results’, even their public holidays are cancelled.

The Punjab Health Department needs to keep a grave check on private medical colleges, along with the PMDC. Yes, a medical institute is one that needs to be respected, but it also needs to respect students’ private space and property. This one of a kind incident has scared students all over the country, for they might end up with similar fate, losing their valuables to a hostile and strict environment.

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